Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finally Open!!!!

September 20th the Kansas archery season opened. I was looking forward to this day ever since I tagged my deer last year. I was very lucky last year when I was able to use the ole PSE to lay down a 150 inch Kansas giant. This year I will be looking for another amazing year and another biggest buck of my life.

I managed to get out and get all of my stands out, put out corn, and set all of the cameras. I found my first rubs, and scrapes for the year as well. I managed to drive around this year and talk to several land owners and got permission for several different pieces of property. I walked them all and to my surprise the one piece that I believed did not produce was loaded! It is one long tree row no more than 20 yards wide and one mile long. To my surprise had I not found one scrape this year before this I discovered more than 30 scrapes! I found a perfect pinch point of a huge bedding are of CRP and the end of the tree row no where near any houses or humanity.

In conclusion I had a chance to drive use my new Dead Down Wind products and they worked amazing! I sprayed down with the field spray and sat in a stand to scout and had deer walk dead down wind and not catch a wiff of me!!! This product really is for real and will work great in the field this year. Everyone should try these great line of products and see for yourself.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kansas Dove Season and Deer Season Around the Corner

A Few days ago the 2010 Kansas dove season had opened. Several friends and i pulled out the ole 12 gauges opening night and let some lead fly. We each got about 4 that first night but the important thing is we had a blast after not seeing each other all summer and getting a chance to catch up on alot of things.

This year was the second year i have had a chance to dove hunt. Iowa does not have a dove season so if you are lucky to get out of state it is well worth it. I recall asking my friends how do u hunt these birds like pheasants or quail? they just laughed and told me sit and wait is the game. The first night I remember I had to borrow my buddies Benelli and I pulled two dove out in one shot. just as our motto says those are definitely some memories that will last a life time with family and friends.

I officially am ready for deer season now except for the new bow. I spent several hours several days hanging stands, putting out corn, cutting shooting lanes, and checking trail cams. This is the first year i have ever hung my stands at about 20-25 feet up. I personally am scared of heights, well i guess its time to get over it. I recently had a new piece of property i got permission on and set a new set on it this year. It is about a 20 acre patch of timber, which in kansas is pretty big, and two thick tree lines come out of it in an L shape. On one side is Beans, the other is cut wheat. and on the end of the L where I sit is milo. Several shooting lanes were cut in the high humidity along with alot of steps screwed in. This stand seems to look promising as I continue checking trail cams lookin for those bucks coming out of velvet.