Friday, September 10, 2010

Kansas Dove Season and Deer Season Around the Corner

A Few days ago the 2010 Kansas dove season had opened. Several friends and i pulled out the ole 12 gauges opening night and let some lead fly. We each got about 4 that first night but the important thing is we had a blast after not seeing each other all summer and getting a chance to catch up on alot of things.

This year was the second year i have had a chance to dove hunt. Iowa does not have a dove season so if you are lucky to get out of state it is well worth it. I recall asking my friends how do u hunt these birds like pheasants or quail? they just laughed and told me sit and wait is the game. The first night I remember I had to borrow my buddies Benelli and I pulled two dove out in one shot. just as our motto says those are definitely some memories that will last a life time with family and friends.

I officially am ready for deer season now except for the new bow. I spent several hours several days hanging stands, putting out corn, cutting shooting lanes, and checking trail cams. This is the first year i have ever hung my stands at about 20-25 feet up. I personally am scared of heights, well i guess its time to get over it. I recently had a new piece of property i got permission on and set a new set on it this year. It is about a 20 acre patch of timber, which in kansas is pretty big, and two thick tree lines come out of it in an L shape. On one side is Beans, the other is cut wheat. and on the end of the L where I sit is milo. Several shooting lanes were cut in the high humidity along with alot of steps screwed in. This stand seems to look promising as I continue checking trail cams lookin for those bucks coming out of velvet.

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