Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Season

The beginning of the season i had gotten several pictures of a great 14 point down in Kansas. no longer had i gotten this picture but then i got a giant typical that blew anything out of the water i had gotten on camera before. I put in the time studying and thought i had atleast the 14 point pretty keyed down to where he is bedding at and when he comes by and checks his scrapes.

I had read somewhere that scrape hunting can be a huge success. Hunting over scrapes in a well covered and secure area can be the key to getting the buck you are after down. Just so happen the scrapes i thought would work great and that the buck would come to during the day i felt were only going to be visited throughout the night. When scrapes are not only in the open but a ways away from the bedding area the buck is smart enough to come out into the open.
As season has been going on i havent been able to get either of these to dandies down. I was hoping taking a trip to iowa would change my luck for the better this year and had a good buddy that offered to film me with his brand new camera. The rut in Kansas this year was really really slow as a matter of fact the slowest rut i have personally ever seen. In Iowa i heard that the rut is doing good but still not the best as it has been.
The last day night in Iowa at my buddies farm i finally had a nice 150 inch 9 point walk out at 40 yards. The last thing i thought that would happen did, I shot at 40 yards and the buck ducked under the arrow.
This year has been the most stressful deer season I have ever had. not only did I not see any shooters this year until Iowa but the one I did see I messed up.
This year I still have hope in and I believe that if you put in the time it will pay off. It is a matter of time and the opportunity will present itself. Not always does the homework go the way you would like but it is always great for future hunts.

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