Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Week of College 2010

Well I arrived back at college down here in Sterling, Kansas. It took me about a couple hours to unpack my things and get settled in to my home for the school year. I then had to go down and finish filling out the usuall paperwork for college as well and pay the bills.

Now that im settled in I have had a chance to make it back into the outdoors. The first day I went down to the local lake in town and caught a few largemouth and nice bluegill. I did a little bit of catch and release, and was able to bring a new freshman out and introduce him to bass fishing. He was from Texas and used to salt water fishing, the fish definitely are not as big here, but he still is enjoying it.

I made a trip to the nearest outdoor store called Heartland Outdoor and bought a new arrow case, and some shotgun shells, and purchased my 2010 dove stamp. Sept 1st is the opening day of dove season here in Kansas and I am looking forward to it. It is officially time to bring out the shotguns, get the cameras rolling, and to introduce the outdoors to many and enjoy it with them.

 Heartland Outdoor

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